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Since April 2007
Families served: 20937
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About Us

FirstMemories Texas is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to teaching families whose infants are in the NICU & CVICU at Texas Children’s Hospital how to celebrate, honor and tell their children’s stories through photography and album making.

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In late 2006, a social worker at Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) asked Kirsten Jordon if she could donate supplies to create a scrapbooking area for the parents. Kirsten was particularly touched by this request because her own newborn daughter Kate was in the TCH NICU two years earlier. An avid scrapbooker, Kirsten had taken photos at the hospital and journaled in her album about the hospital stay and her joyous second homecoming.

For several weeks, Kirsten thoughtfully considered the request and emailed a large group of scrapbookers, mostly Creative Memories Consultants and asked them to support this project by donating supplies and volunteering their time in the NICU. Her email generated a tremendous amount of interest including an offer by Shannon Blake to help her lead this project.

From the initial simple inquiry and subsequent email invitation, FirstMemories Texas was born. After developing a service offering and training volunteers, FMT began serving families in April 2007.

Each week, our volunteers photograph and print pictures of infants, listen to their tender stories and celebrate when a homecoming day is near. They encourage the families to capture the stories of their little ones early days through journaling.

Volunteers have also tenderly provided grieving albums to families whose babies have died.

All of our services are provided free of charge to families in the NICU or CVICU at Texas Children's Hospital.

Even for the families who will eventually take home healthy children, they are grieving the loss of the ideal birth and “firsts” that many take for granted with a healthy baby. Some parents are reluctant to have their baby photographed with IV’s, breathing devices, excessive swelling or apparent physical abnormalities.

Our goal is to encourage these families to celebrate the uniqueness of each child and to take photographs of the child and also include family members who are present. We believe that every child’s life should be honored and remembered. We also encourage them to write about the baby’s birth, their dreams for their child and special moments they want to remember.

Informally, the families share their stories with each other and find comfort from meeting someone else who understands the stress, uncertainty and fear they are experiencing due to the health of their newborn. In our conference room, they feel the freedom to speak above a whisper, smile, share stories with other families and linger over the process of creating a beautiful keepsake for their child.

For many, being in our 'scrapbooking room' is the least stressful part of their day. We have found that fathers are especially eager to let down their guard and be creative. Often they feel helpless because they cannot heal their child, so this time allows them to make a special card for the baby’s mom or themselves. Each week, we are privileged to be a part of bringing hope and healing to these families in crisis and we have been blessed ourselves.

First Memories is partnering with the Newborn Center at Texas Children's Hospital

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