Service History

Since April 2007
Families served: 20937
Created & Donated
Story Cards: 20628
Album Pages: 1314
USB's: 16763
Photo's: 95043
Grieving Albums: 86
Baby Albums: 301

Our Services

Twice a week our volunteers at the Texas Children's Hospital take and print pictures of families with their little ones. We help the families create a story card to take home and 'show-off'.

  • Story Cards
  • Album Pages
  • Grieving Albums
  • Service Hours

In the photos you see story cards that were created by our volunteers for families with little ones in the NICU. Story Cards are small booklets consisting of 4 decorated 8" x 8" pages with photos. The story Cards are decorated in our 'scrapping room' with a variety of donated embellishments. Sometimes the volunteers make the Story Cards and sometimes the parents.

For those who already love to scrapbook or for those whose newborn will be in the NICU for an extended time, we have donated supplies on hand for them to begin making their baby’s scrapbook.

FirstMemories also donates albums to families to begin their own baby book for newborns who will stay in the NICU for an extended time.

Another service of our group is to create a simple grieving album for families who lose their little one. We use donated supplies and volunteers to put together these photo albums.

These special albums will then be a home for the baby's photographs, and other items like foot prints, handprints, id bracelets, locks of hair, clipping from a blanket...

It is a way to honor their brief life, help the family’s grieving process and always remember their little one.

Our service hours are:
- Tuesday from 10:00am - 1:00pm in the Woodlands NICU
- Wednesday from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm in the West Tower NICU & CVICU.
- Thursday from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm in the Pavilion for Women NICU.

Our Locations are:
- in the Woodlands, we are located in the Consultation Room on the 4th floor near the NICU reception desk.
- In the West Tower we are located in the conference room across from The Milk Bank on the 4th floor.
- In the Pavilion for Women we are located in the training room on the 8th floor.

If you are a current TCH NICU, CVICU or Pavilion family, we are available to serve your family during those hours. If you would like us to meet you bedside to take pictures of you and your little one, please contact us and we will visit you on our following service day: Contact FirstMemories Texas