Service History

Since April 2007
Families served: 20937
Created & Donated
Story Cards: 20628
Album Pages: 1314
USB's: 16763
Photo's: 95043
Grieving Albums: 86
Baby Albums: 301

Our Stories

Many families have touched our volunteers’ hearts and here are a few of their stories. If you would like to share your story please contact us. We will not disclose your name and/or any medical condition.

  • Holding Baby J
  • Daddy of Twins
  • a Hospice Baby
  • a Special Thank You
  • Support Group

The first morning we served families, a social worker let us know a mom was holding her baby for the very first time and asked us to capture the moment. The baby was so tiny - born more than 3 ½ months premature and he was now 2 ½ months old - a true miracle and blessing. After 10 agonizing weeks, Mom would finally get to hold her baby. It was a touching moment for all who were privileged to see them together.

Almost a year later, Baby J and his mother returned to TCH for doctor’s appointments and stopped by to visit us. Baby J is now a happy 10 month old little boy. We took more pictures and his mother made another story card to add to his scrapbook at home. As she worked, she continually thanked us for supporting her during the 5 months her son was in the NICU and at the same time encouraged each of the families who were visiting us that day.

Just before Mother’s Day, our conference room was full of parents making story cards. There were even a few dads in the room – they impressed us with their creativity and specific attention to detail. One Dad was there for his little girl. His wife was still at another hospital with the healthier twin brother. Pink paper, cute little stickers, the perfect pictures… and finally a bow for the card…

As he reached across the table for the perfect ribbon, another Dad grabbed it! Let’s just say after a few minutes of friendly debate, this Daddy had the perfect pink bow on a beautiful Mother’s Day card. He had the biggest grin on his face and said “My wife is not going to believe I made this!”

A mom was brought to our room by a NICU receptionist. She was visibly upset and explained that her baby’s prognosis wasn’t good. We comforted her and said “Let’s take some pictures of her with you. We will make a story card to always remember today.”

We took over 50 pictures of a beautiful little girl. As she held baby B, she was able to relax a little and savor the peaceful moment. We made a story card and put all of the photos on a CD for her.

A social worker suggested a grieving album since the baby was to go home on hospice care. We returned 2 days later and presented the album to the family - simply saying “always remember and cherish this time.”

A mother walked into our room concerned that she would miss an opportunity to have her baby's picture taken. We could tell by the look on her face that she was very stressed so Diane, one of our volunteers, walked up to her to and said, "You look like you need a hug."

Hugs turned to tears as she told us her son was having a procedure done at the bedside and she was very concerned about him. She also said that she desperately wanted pictures of her little one. Diane quickly reassured her that we would get pictures of her baby and make a story card for her so she could remain at the bedside.

The same mother came back as we were leaving, more relaxed because her baby was doing better. She hugged Diane three times thanking her for pictures and story card. As Diane was leaving, the husband approached and said "You have no idea how much your service meant to my wife. The kindness you and your team showed towards us today really helped us out. I just wanted to say thank you." His eyes filled with tears.

One week, we met two moms who had become friends after learning their babies had the same health condition. We smiled as we watched them make their story cards, laugh and tell lots of family stories.

Another mom had come in – at the other end of the table – and she was very timid and unsure of everything; her baby, her photos, her card, how to ask for help.

These two moms began talking to her – and soon she was sharing her story, smiling and enjoying her time. Later, as we were leaving, we saw the 3 moms in the hallway making plans to go to lunch.

We feel so privileged to be a blessing to these families who need support.